What Makes GT Technical Consultants a Unique Fastener Consultant Company?

Various things—such as computers, cars, trucks, aircraft, buildings, and factories, for instance—are made up of nuts and bolts, tiny metal fasteners that typically don’t cost more than a dollar a piece. Although they mostly go unnoticed, nuts and bolts literally keep our world together. If they fail, thousands, if not millions, of dollars’ worth of damage would be the least of everyone’s problems.

Consequently, manufacturers need to use exactly the right kind of metal fastener when assembling their products. Doing so not only makes every product sturdy and safe for use but also helps keep maintenance costs low. It is for these reasons that our founder, Guy Avellon, offers you the opportunity to learn how to utilize and repair metal fasteners the proper way. Among other things, we at GT Technical Consultants offer the following:

Comprehensive Knowledge on Fastener Safety
Guy has over 40 years’ experience providing fastener training and fastener failure analyses across various industries, including ski field operators and NASCAR teams. His extensive background in metallurgy, plating, and welding is encapsulated in a unique and comprehensive 210-page manual that deals with all things related to metal fasteners, from application to maintenance.

Identification of Fastener Risk Factors
Nuts and bolts can fail for any number of reasons. For example, although the Fastener Quality Act (FQA) of 1991 guarantee that most North American fastener manufacturers now follow strict quality control and safety standards, defective or substandard fasteners from elsewhere have been known to infiltrate the market. We’ll help you get to the root of the problem and propose suitable measures based on our findings.

Safety Audits and Relevant Trainings
We don’t just ensure that your fasteners are used in the safest and best way possible. We also guarantee that you remain ahead of the competition by means of relevant safety training on application engineering support, torque values, fastener installation, preventive maintenance, and conflict resolution with fastener manufacturers.

With GT Technical Consultants, you can boast an unparalleled safety record in fastener use to your customers and competitors! Call us at 1-224-848-4365 or 1-847-477-5057. You can also e-mail us at ExpertBoltGuy@gmail.com.

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