Over the Years, People Say Guy Avellon is the Best in Fastener Safety!

We at GT Technical Consultants know that for many businesses in the automotive, manufacturing, textile, power, and mining industries, proper installation of metal fasteners is a key component of overall safety. When it comes to metal fasteners, few can match the knowledge and credentials of our very own Mr. Guy Avellon, who has over 40 years’ experience in fastener safety and engineering. The people he has worked with over the years can attest to his expertise, which has benefited private entities as well as universities and government agencies:

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

“Guy is my go-to resource whenever I have a fastener-related question. Guy will never give a response until he looks at an issue in every possible way. He is the most thorough and trusted engineer in this specialty I have ever met, and I am grateful to him for the years of assistance.”

Carole Mannion

“Thanks again for your participation in our Mechanic’s Workshop. Without cooperation and assistance such as you have demonstrated, our endeavor would be in vain.”

Richard E. Green
Ohio Department of Education (1977)

“Thank you for presenting the fastener safety seminar to the Maintenance Fundamentals class at Ferris State University. The information provided to the students will help their understanding of the important role fasteners play in the heavy equipment industry. Your interest and understanding of the subject at hand made the presentation especially informative.”

Bruce W. Jacobs
Ferris State University (2003)

“Guy spoke to 30 of our personnel, and the feedback was immediate and amazing… all had learned techniques and concepts they could apply immediately and, in doing so, were able to correct a potentially dangerous problem with a large wind turbine, before it caused any serious damage, downtime, and loss of service, or, more seriously, loss of life!”

Steve Wright
Mississippi Power Company (2012)

Why not have your business benefit from Guy Avellon’s knowledge and expertise in metal fasteners? Get in touch with GT Technical Consultants Ltd today! You can call us at 1-224-848-4365 and 1-847-477-5057. You can also e-mail us at ExpertBoltGuy@gmail.com.

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