Torque Value Computation and Joint Analysis

Have large diameter fasteners you need to tighten properly? We have the answers.

Have bolts you cannot identify? Although many new overseas manufacturers are formed weekly, we can identify most sources. It is also important to identify the grade of fastener you have; not only the strength but is the steel cold worked, precipitation hardened or strain hardened?

Have a multiple bolt connection you need to be sure is evenly loaded? There are certain techniques that must be followed to assure an even clamp load on the joint.

As simple and small as they are, bolts are very important parts in any machine or system. When bolt failures occur, it can adversely affect the system, resulting to further damage of the equipment and costly interruption to your business’ operations. Parts repair or replacement and a system overhaul due to such incidents are expenses that businesses want to avoid. Moreover, failures in equipment can lead to safety risks and injuries to both staff and end users.

Analysis Conducted by Industry Experts

Need to properly tighten a joint with a gasket to be sure it doesn’t leak? There is no such thing as a non-compressible gasket material. You need to realize this and we can show you how to maximize the performance of your tightened joint so it will not leak. Your systems need to be safe so that your company’s operations can continue without safety or bolt failure issues. Let GT Technical Consultants offer you our professional services backed by first-hand knowledge, skills and years of experience in the industry.

Having a problem with truck or auto wheel bolts breaking? Do you have any vehicles with over 100,000 miles (161,000 km) which has had the lug nuts tightened with an unregulated impact gun? You WILL have serious problems. Are the treads on your Snow Cats loosening? There is a remedy.

Our team will provide torque values for any diameter bolt, any style, any material as well as the techniques for proper tightening.

As a fastener consulting firm, we address all types of concerns regarding nuts and bolts: providing full analysis and the needed recourse to address all types of equipment and their assembly and maintenance needs. Whether you require adjustments or replacements, the services and solutions we offer are rendered by the foremost experts, ensuring that the results are long-lasting and that the problem will not surface again.

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