Basic Fasteners 101
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Fastener Safety Technical Manual
This book is not about the design of a joint, but how to recognize potential problems, assemble and repair the connection safely. It describes the many types of variables that cause fastener failures; what happens mechanically when a fastener is tightened and addresses what brings it to failure even though you followed procedures.
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Fastener Technology International
Fastener Maintenance: Specifying the Correct Fastener
by Guy T. Avellon
“The greatest factor in preventing the failure of a fastener is ensuring the correct fastener is purchased to meet the needs of maintenance.”

American Fastener Journal :
Is It The Correct Torque Or Proper Technique?

by Guy T. Avellon
“What we have always been searching for in any maintenance or assembly operations is a joint connection that will always perform unquestionably, in any environment and endure all forms of abuse. A procedure that will always produce the perfect joint clamping force that will last forever and not ever have to be repaired…..Sadly, this will never happen.”

Wheels, Bolts, Studs and Nuts
by Guy T. Avellon
“Wheel equipment is a major item in any maintenance program. The universal problem with wheel nuts and bolts is that they are treated as simple commodity items. Yet they are the most important safety link between the wheels and maintaining the control of the vehicle.”

Link Magazine :
To Jam or Not To Jam?

By Guy T. Avellon
“Do jam nuts really perform or are they just another expense?”