What Makes GT Technical Consultants a Unique Fastener Consultant Company?

Various things—such as computers, cars, trucks, aircraft, buildings, and factories, for instance—are made up of nuts and bolts, tiny metal fasteners that typically don’t cost more than a dollar a piece. Although they mostly go unnoticed, nuts and bolts literally keep our world together. If they fail, thousands, if not millions, of dollars’ worth of […]

Learn How We Can Serve As Your Defense against Unfortunate Incidents

By definition, accidents are sudden or unexpected incidents that lead to damage or injury to persons or property. The operative words here are “sudden” and “unexpected,” which imply that most accidents occur by chance. However, when it comes to complex machines like cars, a single nut or bolt failure that has gone undetected can prove […]

Get a Small Taste of What GT Technical Consultants, Ltd. Is All About

GT Technical Consultants, Ltd. is a premier fastener engineering company that specializes in applications engineering and fastener failure analysis and prevention. We lend our expertise to a multitude of industries throughout North America, including manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, trucking, theme parks, and power generating plants, to name a few. Most businesses in these industries […]

Five Reasons Your Future is Secure with GT Technical Consultants, Ltd.

GT Technical Consultants, Ltd., a premier fastener engineering company, specializes in applications engineering and failure analysis and prevention. We routinely work with several industries including oil and gas, automotive, power generating plants, Universities and Vo-Tech schools, and a slew of other industries across North America. We strive for excellence in everything we do, something our […]