Steve Wright

Mississippi Power
10298 Express Drive
Gulfport, MS 39501

May 15, 2012

Guy Avellon
GT Technical Consultants, Ltd.
69 Hunt Trail
Lake Barrington, IL 60010

Dear Guy;

As Senior Skills and Safety Training Specialist for Mississippi Power, a Division of The Southern Company, I want to thank you for the Fastener Safety Seminars you presented, for all our maintenance personnel, supervisors, and trainers, such as myself.

For the benefit of other power companies; we recently had the privilege of offering these awesome and informative Seminars to our employees at two of our coal fired plants, Watson and Daniel, here in Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Guy spoke to 30 of our personnel, and the feedback was immediate and amazing….all had learned techniques and concepts they could apply immediately and, in doing so, were able to correct a potentially dangerous problem with a large wind turbine, before it caused any serious damage, downtime and loss of service, or, more seriously, loss of life!

During the Seminar, Guy demonstrated many things, including what actually happens inside a connection, with a special load cell he uses in his presentation… and it was this kind of thing that helped all of us better see where we needed to make changes to our procedures and where to check for just the kinds of things that we found in the wind turbine!

Our personnel are now all more aware of safety issues, have learned new and better techniques, which have become part of our standard maintenance procedures.

Guy is an excellent speaker who is able to deliver very technical information, in a way that is easily understood by all, and easily delivers his knowledge, skills, and experience, to all levels of personnel. It is my pleasure to recommend his Seminars, and to encourage all to take advantage of a truly unique opportunity to improve their systems and safety operations.

Thanks again, Guy.

Steve Wright
Mississippi Power Company
Senior Skills and Safety Training Specialist

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