Fastener Safety Training

If you work in the manufacturing, maintenance and repair operations (MRO), aviation or automotive industry, then nuts and bolts are involved in the majority of your systems and affect the processes that occur in your workplace on a daily basis. Bolts and fasteners play an intricate part in your operations and in essence, play a significant role in the system’s functionality and safety. The equipment or system may also be products you sell to customers or utilize in the services you render to your clients.

To ensure that the company’s safety department is handling the equipment and system procedures properly, or if the company would like a refresher training class on fastener safety, then you should consider getting professional help from GT Technical Consultants. As a fastening consulting firm with decades of experience in actual field application and failure analysis in various industries, we offer custom training classes on properly specifying, assembly techniques and reusing fasteners.

To determine if your company needs training on fasteners, check the requirements in the list below:

  • You have a large budget for nuts and bolts and don’t know where they are being used or why.
  • You want to offer your customers a value-added service on your products.
  • Parts fail in the field.
  • Production line stops due to bolts breaking.
  • Customers complain.
  • Sales people only take orders and do not sell on applications or product benefits.
  • Purchasing orders the incorrect products.
  • TV crew from 20/20 is waiting for you in your office.

The average maintenance person does not need to spend hours on useless basics. With the help of GT Technical Consultants, it will become easier for your company to identify the bolts and fasteners, as well as learn how to determine the cause of any mishaps involving these parts. We can teach your personnel how to be more safe and productive with practical information in two hours. This includes nut and bolt failure analysis, and the needed basic repair and replacement procedures to best deal with each failure scenario. Our team provides the most informative training on safety, and we also provide consultations for determining the causes of systems or equipment failure in relation to bolts and fasteners.

Sales personnel, purchasing and others will also gain valuable insight to be able to perform their job more efficiently and more accurately.

Advanced classes for design and structural engineers will delve more deeply into the subject for 4-6 hours.

Training programs are performed at your location, at your convenience, on your schedule and for various shifts. No limit on attendees. This means anyone and everyone from your company can receive our training services, at a time and in a way that is most applicable to them and cost effective for your company.

Programs are customized to your needs. Meetings can be in the board room, shop area or any convenient place. Presentations are made by Power Point or by white board. A 200+ page bound book will be presented with the class, filled with the most updated fastener information and the latest in assembly techniques and safety procedures.

Fastener Safety Training is about how to recognize potential problems, know the many unseen variables that affect a safe connection and how to assemble the joint safely. Theory is demonstrated on specialized test equipment, so all attendees leave the seminar with only practical and useful knowledge that can be applied immediately.

Let us customize a training program for you. If you’d like to begin discussing your company’s fastener training needs, you can call GT Technical Consultants at (847-477-5057). You can also visit our contact page to send us your queries.