Expert Witness/ Product Litigation

Even the simplest malfunction of the smallest fastener or joint in any product or equipment can be costly. While the piece’s price can range from several cents to a couple of dollars, malfunctions involving the part can lead to consumer complaints or accident, or a workplace accident or disruption in production that can cost up to the thousands. In these instances, it is important to have reliable consultants present to investigate the cause of the failure, and provide expert testimony which can help in addressing the legal and financial ramifications associated with the joint or fastener failure.

Experts from GT Technical Consultants are often sought out by law firms, distributors, manufacturers and insurance companies to serve as consultants and expert witnesses who provide testimonies regarding joint and fastener failures, as well as the associated product liabilities. Through our expert forensic engineering and scientific services, we can identify whether the cause of an accident or the reasons for halting operations are indeed related to joint fastener failure. The findings we gather are then utilized in the settlement of industrial, commercial, residential, personal injury and property damage claims and litigation, should there be any.

Our expert witness and product litigation services are quite meticulous, as our experience and expertise are combined with elaborate procedures to ensure the most detailed findings:

  • Case preparation is performed from photographs received, which are embedded into the reports or from actual on-site investigation where photographic documentation is personally made. Samples are also sent directly to us for examination, photographic documentation and evaluation.
  • All failure cases have been won or settled out of court on the basis of the intensive investigations performed and reports filed, saving clients time and further costs.
  • Basic areas of expertise include, but not limited to, metallurgical failure analysis of threaded fasteners of all types of materials and design; nuts, bolts, pipes, couplers, hydraulic fittings, environmental and corrosive exposures, metal coatings, application, installation methods.

Apart from equipment failure, GT Technical Consultants can also provide testimony for aggregate product liability limits, consumer protection and warranty claims, design and manufacturing defects, hazardous materials, express and implied warranties, and other related concerns.

Our services can also be used as a preventive measure, as we help you discover any safety or quality concerns with the parts of the equipment you use, and help you get the proper replacement from the manufacturer when applicable.

Awards & Commendations:

  • ASTM International Award of Merit and Fellow 2005
  • Vice-Chairman F16 Main Fastener Committee 2005-2013
  • Chairman F16.01 Fastener Test Methods Committee 1988-Present
  • SAE Member Grade 30 years
  • SAE, New Orleans Chapter
  • American Recreation and Equipment Association
  • Rocky Mountain Ski Lift Association
  • National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials

If you think that we can be of assistance to you or your company in providing expert witness and product litigation services, please call us at (847) 477-5057 or send an email through the form on our Contact Us page.

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