Learn How We Can Serve As Your Defense against Unfortunate Incidents

By definition, accidents are sudden or unexpected incidents that lead to damage or injury to persons or property. The operative words here are “sudden” and “unexpected,” which imply that most accidents occur by chance. However, when it comes to complex machines like cars, a single nut or bolt failure that has gone undetected can prove quite catastrophic.
We at GT Technical Consultants Ltd believe that accidents involving automobiles, aircraft, amusement rides, and industrial machinery are best prevented by observing the correct practices, especially when it comes to fastener systems. Find out what makes our company a trusted name in fastener safety.

  1. Our company is headed by an auto racing competitor.

    Our founder, Guy Avellon, happens to be a big fan of auto racing, and his passion for the sport is what gave birth to our company. You see, Guy was interested not only in the sport itself but was also quite fascinated with the things that hold cars together. As someone who got into competitive racing at an early age, Guy soon learned how quality fasteners play an important role in overall automotive safety.

  2. We take on a systematic approach to fastener training and failure analysis.

    To ensure absolute safety and zero defects, we believe in a systematic approach in accordance with Six Sigma management principles. In every project, we begin by establishing clear objectives, collecting data, conducting tests, and analyzing results to minimize risks. This process may be time-consuming, but we believe that one can never afford to take shortcuts when safety is on the line.

  3. Our awards and recognition vouch for our expertise.

    It’s easy to claim expertise in any field. However, we let our awards and recognition vouch for our expertise. For instance, our company was the recipient of the American Society for Testing and Materials Award of Merit (ASTM), an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for materials, products, and services.

Never allow your safety standards to be compromised. Feel free to give us a call at 1-224-848-4365 or 1-847-477-5057 to schedule a free consultation. You can also e-mail us at ExpertBoltGuy@gmail.com.

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