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GT Technical Consultants, Ltd. is a premier fastener engineering company that specializes in applications engineering and fastener failure analysis and prevention. We lend our expertise to a multitude of industries throughout North America, including manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, trucking, theme parks, and power generating plants, to name a few.

Most businesses in these industries are aware that there is such a thing as the $10,000,000 bolt. This bolt can cost as low as 50 cents at your local hardware store but can cause your business to lose thousands of dollars within moments due to failure—and that’s just the expenses you incur for damage to your property. Lawsuits are also a risk that you face if you fail to use the right fastener for the right job. This is where GT Technical Consultants, Ltd can come in to reduce your risk.

Our team of risk avoidance experts has over 40 years of experience in identifying potential catastrophic failures with both standard and out-of-the-box thinking. Once the initial report is completed, our experts use their knowledge to provide you with countermeasures that help prevent these failures from occurring. Such an approach results in a safe, accident-free facility for you, your employees, and the surrounding area, as well as long-term savings on repair and litigation fees.

We understand that you aim to minimize costs and maximize profits, which is why we want to help pass on even more savings to your company. For instance, we offer a trial period of sorts to our new clients.

First-time clients who contact us are eligible for a free consultation with our founder, Guy T. Avellon. Guy is a respected industry expert nationwide with over 40 years of experience in fastener engineering applications, failure analysis, quality systems evaluation, and product liability litigation. He has also authored a 200+ page book on fastener safety. Get 50 percent off on your first risk analysis and prevention report on top of your free consultation!

Secure long-term savings and success for your company. Give us a call at 1-224-848-4365 or 1-847-477-5057. You can also e-mail your inquiries to

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