When Does a 50¢ Bolt Cost $10,000,000?…..When it breaks!

A critical bolt failure can make all the difference between a high performance system and a broken high priced device. It takes just a single compromised bolt to cause untold damage to both the system and the very facility the system is located. In industries where mistakes are not an option and lives are on the line, such as aviation and automotive, one loose bolt can spell disaster for either the manufacturer or the end user. It goes without saying that manufacturers, fabricators, and other industrialists will need to be very careful with their fastener assemblies if they want to maintain production and keep their personnel and their customers safe.

Is This an Expense You Can Afford?

GT Technical Consultants, Ltd. has helped hundreds of clients prevent the resulting liability costs and productivity downtime from a simple 50¢ bolt breaking. As a professional fastener consulting firm, we will examine your system and procedures to ensure that your fasteners and techniques are correct and will not compromise the rest of your operation.

Nationally Recognized Expert in Fastener Technology and Failure Analysis:

Guy Avellon has over 40 years’ experience in applications engineering and failure analysis/prevention in the varied fields of industrial, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, trucking, automotive, Universities and Vo-Tech schools, power generating plants, theme parks and other industries across North America.

4 Top Reasons to Work With Us

Superior Problem Solving Ability

We know exactly how to deal with mysterious fastener failures with out-of-the-box thinking, backed by education and experiences in metallurgical engineering, electro-chemistry, corrosion elements, production line design and manufacturing. If you have trouble determining the cause of an accident, do not hesitate to call upon our services to assess the mishap and determine its root cause.

Risk Avoidance Expertise

Prevented potential catastrophic failures in various applications (amusement parks, wind turbines, ski lifts, power plants, to name a few) preventing injury, loss of life and litigation. With our expertise, you can avoid costly bolt failures and the tragic costly mishaps they can potentially cause.

Specialized Fastener Safety Training

In the field of mechanical engineering, standard curriculum revolves around the theory of bolted joints. There are no courses that thoroughly cover practical fastener use; the many unseen variables, proper assembly methods or maintenance and repair techniques. This is why fastener safety training is so essential to everyday use.

Registered Expert Witness

Our company is routinely sought for forensic failure analysis by law firms, distributors and insurance companies for professional and expert case analysis preparation and reports. Allow us to give you a detailed bolt failure analysis to better illuminate how an accident occurred, and how to determine liability following the catastrophic event.

Areas of Expertise

  • Aircraft
  • Amusement Rides and Devices
  • ASTM/SAE Standards
  • Assembly Techniques
  • Automotive
  • Bus: School, Commercial Carrier
  • Coal/Nuclear Power Generation
  • Coatings and Plating
  • Corrosion
  • Failure Prevention
  • Fastener Design/Engineering
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Heavy Equipment/Cranes
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Insurance Investigation
  • ISO Systems
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mines
  • NASCAR/Race Engineering
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Safety Audits
  • Structural Assemblies
  • Test Methods
  • Textile Industry
  • Torque Assessment
  • Trucks / Fleets
  • Wheel Stud Failures
  • Welding
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Wood/Paper/Pulp Mils

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